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Mobile Coolroom Hire

cooling equipment

We pride ourselves with having all the equipment required to run any outdoor Bar. From basic beverage service tubs to refrigerated displays and large scale event equipment hire. we stock the right cooling equipment for every event situation. The bar units are set for large volume service unlike the flat packed trestle style bars. Attach a speed rail and push out cocktails by the Hundred.

Cateraid has the widest range of mobile coolrooms for hire on the central coast, hunter and northern Sydney. Digital temperature control at your finger tips (a standard in all rooms).

Our service for our mobile coolroom hire customers is the best, bar none. Each mobile coolroom hire includes: great service, extension leads, steps, walk in access, shelving, day rates or weekend rates and best of all –Our experience in the refrigeration industry.

If it’s an unpowered site or internal area we have something to keep all your beverage or food at the correct temperature.

Contact our experienced staff to get a quote for hire in areas outside the free delivery areas on the coast.

Small mobile coolroom hire

This type of mobile coolroom hire is ideal for boutique weddings or outdoor events with no more than 40 guests. The mobile coolroom hire agreements include a full schematic to ensure you have the right room for your events specific requirement. Ensure the access is clear and we ensure you delivery of a digitally controlled, aesthetically pleasing mobile cool rooms or freezers.

Medium mobile cool room hire

These are our most usable rooms in all situations. Our clients find these rooms ideal for weddings or outdoor events with more than 70 guests. Digitally controlled, aesthetically pleasing mobile cool rooms and freezers dropped to your site and set up. Store you flowers at a touch of a button, or drop the temperature for a perfect salad. Storage of beverages and food items alike in one easy to plug in 10 amp power friendly room

Large mobile cool room hire

Ideal for weddings or outdoor events with more than 100 guests. There is always the option to utelise more than one of the rooms at the same site. Cateraid’s helpful staff will organise the power supply and ensure that your event/cooling needs are met every time. If you need a long term hire for a special job, email us and we can share with you the reduced rate we offer depending on the length required.

The use of a Caterers tent is fine in some locations but the use of a mobile kitchen is the next level. The convenience of running water, a solid non slip floor and stainless benches. Ovens, BBQ and a deep fryer with exhaust fans built in.No more sore backs from bending over trestle tables. We are currently also building a mobile restaurant for large scale events that comes complete with commercial kitchen equipment and also beverage service equipment.