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Is our food trying to kill us for our impatience?

The world is full of information and people who would like to hand it on… no matter if you think it is useful or not.

One particular conversation has stuck in my head for the past few weeks after a particularly interesting conversation with a medical professional. The back story isn’t of any mention so I will get into the crux of it.

We both agreed that the evolution of man and society has taken a step off in the wrong direction. International flights bringing in food from Egypt and Spain while the very same food lies rotting in a paddock up the road because the big commercial chains wont pay a price worth harvesting it.

Localisation needs to be applied soon and we ALL need to get more local involvement before the knowledge of our Grandparents is gone and we are left hungry or sick or both……but I am getting off track.

We have evolved to this point in order to fore fill our life goals……But have plants done the same?

This is where the conversation got interesting.

The end goal for any plants life cycle is reproduction. In our world full of the fast, flashy and international we have lost this connection to the food we eat and all those plants around us.

But the end goal of all on this earth is simple – to reproduce and be happy 🙂

Happy plants = Happy food = Happy us

But for a plant to be ultimately happy……. the most important thing in their life is the seed……. That perfect healthy seed to disperse into the world to reproduce (exactly) them.

The proposed problem at present for our health lies with our impatience when capturing the fruit. We hold little to no regard for the seed.

The plant sees the fruit as a vessel, where we see the fruit as the entity.

The theory of the MD was that the fruit is made toxic by the plant until the IT deems the seed is ready to go forth and conquer.

The theory is that modern plants have developed a shield against us (in the form of lectin) as a way to protect their seeds until ready.

This is where our international way of life is a real problem.The food we now purchase from the big stores has been picked early…….too early for the lectins to breakdown – the seeds are no where near ready.

The food is then transported around the world, gassed to look fresh and eaten by us (thinking we are doing a good thing for our bodies). The problem is that the plant is angry and so is societies bellies. A new form of IBS or Caeliac disease is predicted by the Dr Steve Gundry in the below lilnk

Check out the interview here

My take is??????

The fact that we are busy is no excuse to eat crap food from overseas or malnourished super farms. I have a family, a business and a home to look after and last year we collectively grew enough food for a catering company and our closest friends by utelising techniques older than memory all in under 6 hours a week.

All you need is dirt, water and sunlight.

Food wants to reproduce…..

Local farms are around if you know how to be connected……..

We all want to be healthy………

I am all for working together locally, to make sure everyone has a fair chance to help take the last few steps of evolution.


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